Welcome to Naturally Made

Here at Naturally Made, we are second to none in providing you with 100% organic, sustainable and clean energy in a bottle. Our teas are produced utilizing only the finest materials that nature provides: tea leaves, Guayusa and agave sweetener, all organically cultivated and extracted to create the NEW industry leading healthy beverage.

Why Naturally Made Tea?

From the first time a Naturally Made tea hits your lips, we guarantee you won’t go back to coffee, energy drinks, or other herbal teas. We have unlocked the age-old secrets of the Amazonian Guayusa tea and its unique balance of soothing stress reduction and stimulating, focused energy.

Completely eliminating sugar, gluten and preservatives, Naturally Made is sweetened with natural agave to provide both a great taste and innumerable health effects. Without a question, our teas will come to replace your standard caffeinated beverage in no time!


Our Flavors








Brewed From Guayusa — used throughout centuries for its healing properties, focused mental clarity, and potent health effects!

Sweetened With Natural Agave — healthy alternative to sugar & artificial sweeteners with a more smooth, flavorful taste than other teas!

Sooth & Stimulating — abundance of caffeine that is slowly released to provide a smooth and pleasant stimulus for waking up in the morning!

Low Glycemic Index — stabilizes blood sugar levels to promote weight loss, boost cardiovascular health & prevent type 2 diabetes!

2x As Many Antioxidants as Green tea — great for immune system health, eliminating free radicals & fighting/preventing cancer!

Excellent Source of Nutrition — provides an array of 11 polyphenols, 15 amino acids & 24 vitamins and minerals for healthy, balanced diet!